Team of Experts

Owing to the devotion and commitment of our workforce, we have achieved a desirable position in the global arena. Our adroit and industrious team of engineers and technocrats help us in meeting the varied process based requirements of our customers.

The real driving force behind our success comprises of :
  • Electrical Engineers
  • Site Engineers
  • Technicians
  • Designers / Software Personnel
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Research and Development Professionals
  • Quality Inspectors
  • Administrator

Our engineers and technicians employ various latest methodologies that involve activity based management, flow charts, process maps, control charts and others. This allows them to monitor and improve our production process, resulting in faster and flawless production of efficient equipments that conform to the specific requirements of our clients. They also provide excellent support in providing highly effective and efficient after sales services to our clients which includes installation training and on site support.

Our in-house designers make constant innovations and improvisation in our range of products epic enable us in innovating products in respect to the changing needs of our clients. Our quality auditors undertake a strict visual inspection at every stage of creating the products to check on the durability of the decorative items and finishing and polishing of the sculptures. Further, we maintain a healthy working environment for our workers and make sure that there are arranged regular skills training sessions so that they could inculcate outstanding business approach with their working methodologies.

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About Us

Micro Flow Devices India Private Limited Company is renowned manufacturers and exporters of an extensive range of laboratory instruments, clean room, air conditioning and electronics industry equipment which includes laminar flow cabinets, horizontal laminar flow cabinets, vertical laminar flow cabinet, biological safety cabinet, safety cabinet.

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